Swan Manor is an excellent choice for your vintage inspired wedding. Our property has a variety of different areas and alcoves perfect for setting up period vignettes and showcasing your creativity. Enjoy the flexibility of hosting indoors, outside and all around the grounds as you see fit. Our staff works hard to ensure that all the details are taken care of so you can relax and enjoy.

Vintage Must-Haves

If you are looking for vintage inspiration, don’t forget a few of the following top ideas to incorporate:

Statement headpiece:

This is the ultimate in vintage statements for a bride; and it can really make the whole theme come together! Big and outrageous or dainty and elegant, a headpiece is one of the most memorable and striking items to include in your vintage wedding – a must have!

An authentic vintage wedding venue with some history:

Imagine the photos- sunset, flowing 1930s style dress and a gorgeous historic building or stately home as your backdrop- adding huge amounts of authenticity to your vintage

wedding and creating the perfect atmosphere. Having an aged building as your wedding venue puts the surroundings of the day instantly into a truly vintage perspective. Besides, true vintage is history!

Diamonds of the sea…

Pearls! These beautiful things always give a vintage twist in any setting, but put in the context of a luxurious wedding they would be stunning! Why not go all out glam with a pear necklace or drop earrings? Read more at Elmore Court

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Vintage Decor Unites Your Theme

Enjoy adding some eye-catching props to adhere to your vintage theme. Wood cuts, wildflowers, herbs, mason jars, burlap, buttons, period furniture and old typewriters often immediately come to mind for vintage wedding and reception decor. The following pieces are great heirlooms to incorporate. These family treasures will honor the love lineage of your families.


Chandeliers are absolutely gorgeous for a vintage-themed wedding. You can use real chandeliers for your affair or take advantage of chandelier-style candleholders.


Lace is a must-have for vintage weddings. Even if you don’t want the traditional-looking lace wedding dress, there are a lot of ways to incorporate it. Have a bouquet holder created from lace for a gorgeous look that isn’t too traditional.

Embellished Jewelry

Jewelry that is detailed and very embellished is perfect for a vintage wedding. Now is a great time to wear those heirloom earrings your grandmother gave you or the antique bangle from your great aunt. More details at eWedding

Vintage DIY Fun

Consider hand-making your centerpieces, guest favors and more for a very personalized touch. Incorporate natural woods and white candles in crystal, pewter or wrought iron candleholders for a good start. Plan your ideas well in advance to ensure that you have adequate time to complete each project. Enjoy the fun of crafting these items with your bridal party, family and friends to create lasting memories.

swan manor wedding reception event venue charlotte nc packages bride groom wedding planner

Black and White Photos

Every wedding and special event benefits from some black and white photos. Enjoy the play of light and shadows that only black and white film provides. Enjoy the depth and glamour in every picture. From iconic stairway pics indoors to outdoor shots among the trees, Swan Manor has a full range of pose-worthy spaces.

Between our stately manor house, carriage house ballroom and manicured grounds, the wedding and reception of your dreams are possible at Swan Manor. Contact us today to schedule a meeting and tour. Call 704-776-2530 or use the contact form here on the site. Information about our wedding packages can also be found on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.