Getting the most of your wedding photos takes a bit of homework. Viewing potential photographers’ portfolios ahead of time can help you decide what kinds of shots you would like yourself. It is vital to peruse different photography styles, images and ideas well before your wedding day in order to ensure you are happy with your own package. Don’t simply hire based on the bottom line. While price is definitely an important factor to consider; it is best to go with someone whom you “click” with (pun intended).

Discover Your “Good” Side Ahead of Time

It is essential to have some clarity prior to your big day in order to encapsulate your very best for years to come. Have fun with your fiancé taking random pictures from a variety of angles to discover which side is your most flattering ahead of time. The following tips from The Knot are excellent to consider:

Schedule an Engagement Shoot

Once you hire a photographer, a prewedding photo shoot kills many birds with one stone: It’s a great opportunity to get comfortable with your photographer and with having your picture taken; you’ll have a built-in save-the-date photo; and you’ll be able to give your pro feedback on what photos you liked and didn’t before your wedding day.

Make a (Reasonable) Shot List

Don’t waste time trying to get every last combo of grandparents, siblings and cousins. Stick to a few important shots, and ask your maid of honor or another member of the wedding party to help orchestrate them on the day of. Include whether you want shots in black and white or color, and don’t forget to mention any particular décor items you want captured (for instance, the DIY napkin holders you got carpal tunnel syndrome from weaving). While you’re sending these notes, attach a few photos of yourself that you think you look amazing in, so he’ll know how you want to look on your wedding day. And include any side notes about the actual day, like your grandma has a bad hip and can’t stand too long. See more at The Knot

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Fun Group Pics

Consider an aerial shot of you and yours standing in a heart formation. Perhaps you have made a myriad of DIY signs and wish to incorporate a photographic story. Maybe a men vs. women tug of war is more your style. Have fun with some exciting group images which can be sent out as part of your thank you cards in the future.

The Little Munchkins

Unpredictable, messy, adorable…your youngest guests are often among the most hilarious and photogenic. In order to capture the very best, consider the following advice from

Snap them first
Children get antsy fast, so schedule their formal family portraits early—preferably before the ceremony begins, says Hilda Burke of Chicago’s Angel Eyes Photography.

Don’t mess with a moment
“The worst is when you’re about to catch a child doing something incredible and funny, and a parent comes over and says, ‘Smile!'” says Schuster. More info at

Go With the Flow

Try to remember that frown lines are not wanted in your timeless wedding photos. Even if everything goes crazy; simply take a deep breath and smile. While you may have analyzed your poses for months ahead of time, it is often the candid and unplanned shots that become the family favorites.

Swan Manor is the perfect venue to capture all of your cherished wedding photos. Between our stately manor house, carriage house ballroom and manicured grounds, the wedding pictures of your dreams can be taken on our grounds. Contact us today to schedule a meeting and tour. Call 704-776-2530 or use the contact form here on the site. We look forward to hearing from you.