It’s not a small thing to stand up beside your sister or your good friend and be her bridesmaid. Filling this position is very important, sometimes time consuming (in a fun way) and it always means the world to the loved one you’re standing up there with. There are also some personal needs to taken care of and that means appointments for hair, skin, nails, tanning and more. Oh, and let’s certainly not forget about the all-important bridesmaid dress.

Let’s take a closer look at bridesmaid dresses, focusing on the hottest color trends of the day.

Pastels vs. bolder shades

Trying to decide on a color scheme can be tricky in the beginning. However, the best thing to do is go with what you are naturally drawn to. It can help to have a painter’s color swatch on hand. Meander through the rainbow and make notes of which shades you and your partner are immediately pausing on or intrigued by. Once you have a favorite, look to the opposite end of the color swatch to find some complimentary colors.

It is said that paler skin tones look best with pastels, while darker complexions radiate with brighter shades.

2015 weddings are bursting with specific shades this year. The range is varied from bold magenta to pastel peach. The hottest color trends for bridesmaids dresses this season include:

  1. Sangria, Silver and Lavender
  2. Navy, Blush and Cream
  3. Sandalwood and Sage
  4. Pink, Gray and Khaki
  5. Peach and Periwinkle
  6. Kelly Green and Royal Blue
  7. Coral, Peach and Powder Blue
  8. Shades of Ivory and Brown
  9. Purple and Yellow
  10. Burgundy and Gold

The deep fuchsia color, reminiscent of frozen berry juice, known as “sangria” is a beautiful color to behold. It pairs well with black, white, silver, ice blue, peach and even yellow and orange tones. This color is so rich it will complement your male counterparts by adding visual interest to the corsage or lapel areas of the groom and his groomsmen.

Style vs. comfort

Perhaps you envision strapless, gossamer gowns that will simulate a floating effect as  the bridal party walks down the aisle — but the reality is every woman is built differently. Your dream bridesmaid gown may leave some of your ladies very uncomfortable. Thankfully, most bridal shops cater to the fact that women have different style needs and body types. This means there are often a variety of gown styles that come in the same shades. You can use the same fabric and color to maintain cohesion but have each bridesmaid wear a flattering style that is perfect on them.

Mixing it up

The days of having a host of bridesmaids surrounding the bride in cookie-cutter dresses have come and gone. Many dresses today can be customized with various options:

  • spaghetti straps
  • strapless
  • over one shoulder
  • halter style

Your bridesmaids will appreciate being able to wear a style that directly complements their unique style. The chance of them being able to re-wear their dress in the future greatly depends on how amazing they feel in it.

Follow your rainbow

Don’t decide on a color scheme just because it is rated #1 in all of the bridal magazines. Stick to colors that feel right and personal to you. Perhaps they invoke memories of your last seaside excursion or preview what to expect on your upcoming honeymoon. Use colors that speak to you.

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