Once your wedding venue is secure, you can start implementing the details that will make your day shine. Having an outline of how you and your future spouse see the day unfolding will help everyone stay on board. Going with the flow is definitely important; however, you might inadvertently miss out on some key items if you have no schedule to adhere to.

Communicate with Staff and Guests

DIY signs and banner inspiration are all over the internet. As is stationary vendors who are happy to take your order and deliver your goods. Announcing your intentions and time frames can help your reception stay on track and keep things more organized. Simple ways to let your guests help you by being able to help themselves are as follows:

  • Washroom Signs
  • Table Place Card Settings
  • Photo-booth/Picture area
  • Garden Signs
  • Parking locations
  • Smoking Terrace
  • Bar and Food Service
  • Gift Table
  • Photo Opportunities

Contact each individual vendor – caterer, baker, florist, DJ or musicians, limo, party rentals — anybody providing a service or a product on your wedding day. From Sane Wedding Planner

Providing every member of your crew with a timeframe will help everything go smoothly. Many wedding planners recommend starting your ceremony starts 15 minutes earlier than it truly does to avoid individuals being late and trying to sneak down the aisle ahead of the wedding party.

There is nothing worse than allowing hours of time and attention to detail go to waste simply because there was no communication between guests. Setting up your soiree to be self-serve will allow family and friends to be free to mingle and help themselves. This increases the comfort level while still maintaining a formal atmosphere. Most of your guests can read; take advantage of that fact and let your creative flair help them determine where to be and when.

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Menu Cards and Place Settings

If you have a specific menu selection, speech itinerary, or traditional garter ceremony to fit in before or after the first dance; utilize your table number setting to communicate your schedule. Alternatively, you could offer each place setting a detailed card that can become an additional keepsake or be part of your take home gifts. Having a general theme to adhere to will help guests manage bathroom and cigarette breaks and putting wee ones down to nap without missing any big photo opportunities.

Do keep in mind that you don’t have to plan every second of your guests’ stay – nor should you. They’re big boys and girls and likely want to take time to relax or explore on their own, rather than feel like they’re at a regimented work conference. So let them cherish the “down times” – after all, they’ll likely need them to charge up for dancing at your reception. From The Pink Bride

Wedding Weekend

Many venues are flexible for offering their grounds. Destination wedding couples are more commonly offering Friday to Sunday itineraries’. Telling your guests where activities will be held, what time the meet and greet BBQ will be held and deciding to have a 3 legged race and brunch instead of a formal gift opening on Sunday is all easier if your family and friends know what to expect.

Just Have Fun

Understand that no matter how thorough your wedding planning goes, there will be times when your ceremony and reception seems to have a mind of its’ own. Ensure that you stay positive by allowing yourself the freedom to sit back and relax no matter what happens.

wedding reception venue charlotte nc