Many brides-to-be take a full year to plan their big day. Of course, some ladies have it all booked and organized ahead of that time frame. Regardless of whether you are enjoying a longer engagement or pulling your celebration together in six months, having your bridesmaids on-hand for fun can help make the planning process even more memorable.

In fact, take the time to plan some special things to do with your maids for the sole purpose of making wonderful memories together. Here are a few suggestions off the tops of our heads, but the possibilities are limitless.

Winery tour

Why not treat the ladies to an exceptionally entertaining and informative afternoon and take care of your wedding wine at the same time? Spending a few hours touring different wineries and enjoying some spectacular photo opportunities can be a blast. If it’s in the budget, hire a wine tour company or rent a limo so that you can completely relax. If not, find a designated driver for the day. This way, you don’t need to worry about directions or have to limit your tastings to ensure a safe ride home.

Creating your own wedding wine

Alternatively, if purchasing wine from a local winery is too expensive or there are no wineries in your area, consider brewing your own wedding wine. If you are adept at DIY projects and have a few batches under your belt, invite the girls over for bottling night. You can come up with funky or romantic labels and create the perfect personalized accompaniment to your table settings. Or, you can give the bottles away as wedding favors. Many U-Brew facilities can have your kits ready in 30 to 45 days. You and the girls can go do all of the mixing and bottling there if you are not confident brewing at home.

Wedding favors

Have a girls’ night and get busy unleashing your inner craft goddess. Decide on what kind of guest favors best suit your theme and then everybody get to it. Have fun with the creative process. Consider wood burning some coasters for a rustic celebration. Or, use chocolate molds and plaster of Paris for creating homemade magnets (glue a magnet to the back of the mold once it has dried). Or, use your chocolate molds in a more traditional way and have fun creating (and sampling) yummy edible favors.

Dessert table

Many weddings feature a dessert buffet for the guests. This can accompany the traditional wedding cake or be offered in lieu of. Some people have it available for the duration of the reception, while others prefer to bring it out later as a snack option after a few hours of dancing. Get the girls together and have them bring their favorite recipes. Cookies, squares, cakes, tarts, cupcakes and dessert bars can all be made ahead of time and frozen. Use paper doilies, colored tissue paper, lace pieces or fancy napkins to create a tantalizing display.

Aisle décor party

Invite your favorite ladies over to create decorations. Pew bows, artificial flower balls, tissue paper balls and other types of simple décor can jazz up the ends of the aisle. If flowers are not your thing, consider using branches, small potted trees, or create an archway. If you want to personalize the aisle, consider making your own runner. Simply take some white material and hot glue plastic flowers or glass gems or anything you prefer along the edge. Write the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date or a quote about love along it to personalize it even further.

The main thing is to make special memories with your bridesmaids. Spend time together with the women who are committed to standing by your side as you embark on a life-changing journey. The experiences you enjoy can relieve a great deal of stress and keep you laughing and having fun throughout the planning process.

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