Incorporating activities into your wedding reception, corporate event or family gathering is an easy way to add to the fun and keep everyone engaged. Participation events are excellent icebreakers that can help guests mingle and get to know one another in a less formal way. Our expansive Swan Manor estate offers the perfect indoor/outdoor setting for playing games, staging hilarious photos and encouraging guest participation.

Need some help coming up with reception games? Here are six great suggestions from a professional wedding DJ that are sure to break the ice and deliver laughs:

Newlywed Mad Libs
Everyone loves giving free advice, and what better way than to hand them your very own custom Mad Libs sheet. This dinner-table activity is also a great way for your guests to get to know each other as they laugh and share each other’s responses. Plus, you’ll get a good belly laugh when you read the responses after the wedding.

The Paddle Game
The Paddle Game is similar to the shoe game except you put pictures of the bride and groom on voting paddles.  This time, you invite the head table to play along. The questions will also be personal in nature: Who is the better cook? Who will get up first? Who will be better at paying the bills? You might also include questions about the head table, “Who helped out more with the wedding, The Best Man or Maid of Honour?” This games offers great comic relief. More ideas from The Piano Playing DJ

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Artistic Indulgence

Arts and crafts are a fun way for your guests to express themselves. Plus, they allow everyone to participate regardless of age or mobility. Simply provide the supplies — paints, colored markers, sheets of paper, scissors, glue, glitter, etc. — and encourage everyone to create a keepsake piece for the happy couple. Alternatively, encourage your guests to search the property for a rock or piece of wood to customize. Use the finished pieces to create a one-of-a-kind keepsake mobile or a funky wind chime for the bride and groom. You can turn around the idea of using art to engage by hiring a caricature artist to draw individuals throughout the day.

Evening Ambiance

From candles to tree trunks wrapped in mini lights and everything in between, there are countless ways to creatively use light for your event. One unique way to combine light and group participation at your wedding is with Chinese lanterns. Have your guests make wishes and release lanterns into the night sky for a memorable take away. This idea is based on traditional ceremonies from the Chinese Lantern Festival and Chinese New Year. Learn about the time-honored beliefs connected to the various lantern colors in this article:

Lantern Colors And Their Meanings

During Chinese New Years, you may see lanterns of varying colors and sizes are for sale. Revelers will choose the color that expresses their wishes and then write their corresponding wishes on the lantern.

The most popular lantern color is red. The color red is supposed to welcome good fortune. If you are single and on the lookout for that someone special, pick a pink lantern as pink represents romance. A peach-red color signifies having opportunities and making good decisions. This could be a good color to choose if you are making a career move or are an entrepreneur.

For someone looking to improve their financial situation or to win it big in the lottery, an orange lantern might bring you luck as orange represents money. The color yellow is said to bring success in school. Therefore, students might want to pick a yellow lantern for Chinese New Years. White signifies god health, which is integral for any individual’s well-being.

If you are looking for a change of pace in life, a light green lantern represents of growth–be it personal or professional.If you have certain wishes that you want to come true in the new year, choose a light blue lantern. Light blue signifies hoping something will come true. For the dreamers, a light purple lantern might be the most suitable as light purple mean idealism. Continue reading at ThoughtCo.

Share Your Vision With Us

The Swan Manor staff is committed to helping you plan the wedding and reception you’ve always dreamed of. Sharing your vision during the consultation and booking process will help us bring your vision to life. You are welcome to secure your own vendors for your gathering or ask us for help; we will be happy to make recommendations.

Between our stately manor house, carriage house ballroom and manicured grounds, Swan Manor is the ideal wedding venue for your special day. Contact us today to schedule a meeting and tour and learn more about our prices and packages. Call 704-776-2530 or use the contact form on our website to reach us. We look forward to hearing from you.