Swan Manor: Your Vintage Fairytale Wedding Headquarters

Swan Manor is an excellent choice for your vintage inspired wedding. Our property has a variety of different areas and alcoves perfect for setting up period vignettes and showcasing your creativity. Enjoy the flexibility of hosting indoors, outside and all around the grounds as you see fit. Our staff works hard to ensure that all the details [...]

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Swan Manor: Affordable Elegance for Weddings

If simplicity and sensational are part of your wedding day dreams, look no further than Swan Manor. Our exquisite sprawling estate is perfect for your nuptials. We offer perfectly manicured grounds and a spectacular setting for your wedding ceremony and photos. Eager to please, our professional and friendly staff is completely organized and flexible. We [...]

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Timeless Tips for Your Wedding Photography

Getting the most of your wedding photos takes a bit of homework. Viewing potential photographers' portfolios ahead of time can help you decide what kinds of shots you would like yourself. It is vital to peruse different photography styles, images and ideas well before your wedding day in order to ensure you are happy with [...]

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Swan Manor: Offering Organized Simplicity for Weddings

Once your wedding venue is secure, you can start implementing the details that will make your day shine. Having an outline of how you and your future spouse see the day unfolding will help everyone stay on board. Going with the flow is definitely important; however, you might inadvertently miss out on some key items [...]

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Things to consider when hiring a wedding caterer

When choosing a wedding caterer, there are several things you should keep in mind so you don’t end up with a disaster on your hands. You don’t need to be reminded that your wedding day is one of the most important times of your life. You certainly don’t want your special day to end up [...]

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Show your bridesmaids that you appreciate them

It’s vital to show your bridesmaids that you appreciate them. These ladies have decided to honor you and your groom by standing up for the both of you on your big day. They have made it to countless appointments, securing dresses, shoes, flowers, centerpieces and probably driven all over town on your behalf. Not to [...]

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Look for a wedding reception venue with indoor/outdoor spaces

Look for a wedding reception venue with both indoor and outdoor spaces to get the most out of your celebration. Having a myriad of places to mingle will enable every guest to find their ideal comfort zone, thus, enticing them to stay longer. The downside of a club atmosphere If your venue is one large [...]

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Have a photo booth at your wedding reception

Creating a fun and interactive wedding reception is the top priority for many couples. After all, your guests have traveled from far and wide to celebrate alongside you. And let's face it, fun memories make a great wedding. Have a photo booth at your wedding reception and enjoy the pics for years to come. Breaking [...]

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Keep your guests engaged at the reception

Keep your guests interested and involved at your wedding reception by captivating them from the moment they arrive. Greet your guests with champagne and sparkling water cocktails to get the party started. Have some chocolate truffles and bacon wrapped scallops making their rounds to tide everyone over and keep the "Hangry Monster" from making an [...]

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Common wedding worries for the bride-to-be

Let's be realistic for a moment. You are planning your wedding and trying to accommodate a myriad of people of all different ages from all different backgrounds who will be traveling from all over the place to attend. You will have to feed them, provide various kinds of beverages and suggest accommodations. What could possibly [...]

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