Whether you are bringing your own wedding photographer or would like us to include photography in your wedding package, Swan Manor wants to ensure that you get all the great shots you need to remember your special day forever. Discussing your individual and group photo expectations ahead of time is an ideal way to make this happen. If you need some help getting started on your wishlist, check out these excellent tips:

Don’t have to many

Try to limit your totally number of shots to 6 or fewer . Do you remember when you have been a guest at a wedding, which wedding was the best, the one where you spent an hour being called out for photographs, or the one where you don’t even remember the photos happening. For this reason try to keep your list of group shots to a minimum. Sit down with your fiancé before the wedding and work out who you want in each shot, be realistic, and ask yourself why you want these photos, will they go in the album, the frame, the wall? And if not don’t have it!

Not all guests will want to have their photo taken

Not everyone wants their photo taken, at least one guest who will do nothing but try to make the whole thing worse and last longer, so if they don’t want to be in the photo, just go with it and let the photographer know it’s OK for that particular gust to opt out, other wise they will only ruin the photo. Continue reading at Boho Weddings

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Inject Your Personality

Photos of your big day will be one of your most treasured wedding keepsakes. While formal pictures are great, be sure you discuss taking plenty of candid shots with your photographer. These images will capture the beauty and pure joy of the day in a very special way. Also, organizing a large group for posed pictures can be an unwieldy task. Taking lots of candids instead makes for an ideal alternative. For some helpful photo suggestions, read the following article:


Formal group photos are tough to pose because people will not remain still. Even shifting their weight from one foot to another can completely change the pose. Posing a group of five or more can be like playing Whack-a-mole. As soon as you get one in place, another one moves and you have to get the other one set! If the group is willing to try something different, you could completely throw the formal group photo out the window and just have fun. Here are a couple ideas for doing casual group photos: (1) have the group run toward the camera, or (2) put the group casually lounging on the couch and the floor like a family would sprawl out for movie night in the family room.


One of the best ways to get the subjects heads on different levels is to find a location that will allow for it. For example, you could pose the family or group on a staircase so they are all sitting on different steps. This will easily break up any patterns of head levels so the group looks like one and no pattern distracts the viewer. You could do the same thing by placing the group on fallen down logs or on boulders or any other uneven surface. See Improve Photography for more

swan manor wedding reception event venue charlotte nc packages bride groom wedding planner

Swan Manor: Charlotte’s Private Wedding Oasis

Swan Manor is excited to host your special event. Our exquisite grounds are ideal for weddings, family reunions, graduations, milestone birthday celebrations and more. Our stately manor and manicured grounds will provide the ultimate backdrop for your keepsake photos. If you’re hoping to get some great shots from your guests to add to your professional images, these tips for amateur photographers will come in handy:

Write a shot list of exactly what you’re going to do at every location. Feel free to be as specific as possible and then try and memorize it. Also, I feel that writing it with pen and paper actually helped me to remember everything a lot more than just typing it out.

I literally used to write the following info down the day before every wedding:

Groom Coverage Shot List


  • Flower
  • Tie
  • Cufflinks
  • Rings
  • Cologne
  • Watch?
  • Ask the groom if there is anything else he wants

Boys Getting Ready

  • Boys helping groom with cufflinks
  • Boys helping groom with tie
  • All boys putting vests on
  • All boys helping adjust the back of each others vests
  • Slap each in the ass shot!
  • All boys grab jackets and do the Roger David shot
  • All boys put on jackets
  • Hero shot of all the boys fully dressed looking awesome
  • Serious and gangster!
  • Big smiles
  • Hugging and ruffing up the groom! More details at 500px

Between our beautiful manor house, carriage house ballroom and landscaped grounds, the wedding and reception of your dreams is possible at Swan Manor. Contact us today to schedule a meeting and tour. Call 704-776-2530 or use the contact form here on the site. Information about our wedding packages can also be found on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.