The Swan Manor Story

Once upon a time a long time ago, a young boy affectionately called Denny by his grandmother noticed a painting hanging in the latter’s house. She had recently inherited it from her great aunt, and from the first time Denny saw it, he was captivated.

This was no ordinary painting. First off, it was round rather than rectangular, like he was used to seeing. Plus, it was painted on velvet instead of canvas. The painting itself was simple, yet its depth made him feel like he could walk right into it.

painting-imageThe image was a romantic scene of a pond, with stone steps at the end that went right into the water. A small Greek column supporting an even smaller statue stood just beyond the steps. Nestled throughout was an abundance of blossoming plants that looked like azaleas. Towering trees similar to Leyland Cypress led to the setting sun in the distance. Amidst all of this, what stood out most to the boy, though, were the two beautiful white swans in the pond, swimming just in front of the stairs.

Denny never forgot the painting. Growing up, whenever he needed a peaceful place for his mind to go, he would imagine himself sitting on the steps feeding the swans. It always raised his spirits to think about the pair, mated for life and raising a little family of baby Cygnets.

When the time came that Denny asked his fiancé to marry him, she enthusiastically accepted and said, “Where should we be married?” He immediately thought of standing on the steps at the end of the pond in the painting. That would be a wonderful place to be married, he thought. Alas, the couple looked and looked for such a place but it was not to be found.

In his late twenties, Denny asked his grandmother if she would leave his treasured painting to him when she passed.  “I’ll do better than that,” she replied, “I’ll give it to you now so I’ll know you have it. You have loved that painting since the day I received it. You are the only person that I would want to have it.” After his grandmother’s passing, Denny would go to his reflecting place in the painting and find his grandmother sitting right beside him on the stairs.

Denny’s grandfather was completely lost without his beloved of 56 years and he passed three years after her. Denny was once again reminded of the happy swans in the painting – mated not only for this life he now understood, but for eternity.

Denny had once told his grandmother that if he ever had a pond, he would put two swans in it and name them after her and his grandfather. He fulfilled his promise years later when he christened his new estate Swan Manor and settled Jean Paul and Suzette in the reflecting pond.

Today, the painting that started this long journey hangs in the dining room of Swan Manor. It is a constant reminder of the limitless power of love, as well as the perfect good luck charm for a wedding venue that seeks to bind couples together for a lifetime and beyond.