Look for a wedding reception venue with both indoor and outdoor spaces to get the most out of your celebration. Having a myriad of places to mingle will enable every guest to find their ideal comfort zone, thus, enticing them to stay longer.

The downside of a club atmosphere

If your venue is one large space with thumping bass notes blaring and nothing but flashing lights everywhere, you actually might not end up partying into the wee hours as planned. Of course, much of this will depend on the age and interests of your guests. However, Great Aunt Edna and your grandparents might find this space extremely loud and leave early. It will also be difficult to mingle and chat with your guests above the noise.

Accentuate natural surroundings

Take notes when you visit your venue to discuss final details during the planning process. Highlight any natural indoor and outdoor photo ops that are on the grounds. Many venues have abundant spectacular beauty. Consider if any of the following are available for some stunning photo opportunities with your photographer and guests:

  • Pond, water fountain, bridge, waterfall
  • Trees, garden, forest
  • Sculpture
  • Rock wall
  • Rustic barn
  • Field of wildflowers
  • Mountains
  • Indoor art background
  • Spiral staircase or architecturally intriguing stairwell

Free-range weddings

Outdoor receptions are lovely. Many couples cannot imagine getting married with a roof over their head and insist the entire event take place outside. This is a wonderful sentiment and can be thoroughly enjoyed if you have taken the appropriate measures into account. Having some fleece throws on hand for your guests to use on their shoulders or legs can be most welcome if you are celebrating late into the night or during chillier spring and fall months.

Making some no-sew fleece throws to match your wedding colors is simple. Simply get the wedding party together one night and cut some fringe on the edges of your square or rectangular blankets…and voila! Consider embroidering your initials for a special and practical guest favor.

Sun respite

The last thing you want for your pictures is a bunch of sunburned guests. Look for a wedding reception venue with indoor/outdoor spaces to accommodate everyone’s comfort level along with your own. Having some cooler, air-conditioned places available can be heavenly if you are getting married in the height of summer.

Varied seating options

While your teenage cousins might enjoy some high, fancy bar stool chairs, your older guests will appreciate not having to climb up and down. If your venue doesn’t have any loveseats or couches, consider creating your own perimeter lounge atmosphere in the foyer. Get creative — if covered hay bales suit your theme, then go for it. It is important to have some places for guests to catch up with one another and a spot to rest while they are waiting for the bathroom.

Smoking guests

If you have zero smokers on your guest list, that’s great. How wonderful to be surrounded by such a health conscious group of people. However, if you do have uncles that enjoy cigars and guests who still smoke cigarettes, fret not. Simply have the emcee announce where they can appropriately smoke. Set up extra outdoor seating and tables to provide a comfortable location. This will help prevent people from standing and smoking right outside of the doorways. Having extra ashtrays on hand is respectful for the cleanup crew and may help you prevent being saddled with additional cleaning fees.

By choosing a wedding venue that has equally exciting indoor and outdoor possibilities, both you and your guests will have your needs met. Taking photos will be extra fun when you don’t have to drive all over town to “get that shot” as well.

Between our stately manor house, carriage house ballroom and manicured grounds, the indoor/outdoor wedding and reception of your dreams is waiting for you at Swan Manor. Contact us today to schedule a meeting and tour. Call 704-776-2530 or use the contact form here on the site. We look forward to hearing from you.