Keep your guests interested and involved at your wedding reception by captivating them from the moment they arrive. Greet your guests with champagne and sparkling water cocktails to get the party started. Have some chocolate truffles and bacon wrapped scallops making their rounds to tide everyone over and keep the “Hangry Monster” from making an appearance during cocktail hour. Attending to thirsty tongues and growling tummies can keep your guests on an even keel until the formal food is served.

Alternatively, you can skip the fancy schmancy and simply have a few coolers filled with ice and an assortment of beverages available with some strategically placed bowls of nuts, trail mix and potato chips. Hey, it’s your day, so why not incorporate some of your favorite things and signature items?

Create a romantic ambiance

Great lighting can be as soothing as it can be entertaining. You can captivate young and old alike with a single flame. Candles are great, however, certain venues forbid open flames. No worries. Some carefully displayed white or soft white LED Christmas lights or flameless candles in jars or candle holders can go a long way. Create a warm, loving glow that can safely entertain the kids and adults alike while they enjoy their meal and mingle on the dance floor.

Signature cocktails or mocktails

Discuss some fun ideas with your bartender ahead of time. Some couples create a drink after their new last name or initials or others use a nickname. Perhaps you want to have one drink for the bride and a different libation for the groom? Have fun and don’t forget some virgin mocktails with juice and whip cream for the kids and adults who don’t drink.

Get this party started

Get out on the dance floor immediately and get the party started. Whether you make a grand entrance into the reception or not, whether you have a coordinated, choreographed montage to kick things off, just get out there. Have your top 5 favorite dance songs pre-programmed with your DJ to get you and your guests off to a bumping and jumping good time.

DIY hands-on activities

Having some fun things for your guests to do can keep everyone engaged. Setting up a guest book signing station in the well-lit foyer near the bathrooms is always popular.

The foyer is ideal for photo booths, chocolate fountains, mustache bars and candy stations. Have some creative signage to encourage a self-serve atmosphere. Extra seating is often great here for those who prefer to chill away from the DJ, are waiting for someone in the facilities or just need to take a break for a moment.

Special guests

Hiring some form of entertainment such as a live band can really boost your entertainment factor. Consider a dance troupe, flame throwers, a fireworks display, belly dancers or a harpist to entertain the guests and create some amazing photo ops and memories.

Munchies stations

Have a cookie bar or a dessert buffet mysteriously appear a couple of hours into the reception to re-energize your guests. Consider having an ice cream sundae service or a nacho fountain to offer excellent snacks. Or, schedule a pizza delivery for midnight, whatever works best for you and your guests.

By taking into account your personal tastes, you will easily be able to keep your guests engaged at the wedding reception. And when you hold your reception in an awesome wedding venue like Swan Manor, you have every option available to you.

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