Every couple wants their wedding day to go off without a hitch and be remembered for years to come as a day that was filled with fun and celebration. With the right planning and someone overseeing the details (preferably not the couple) this is definitely possible. Check out the following 10 tips to make your wedding reception more fun.

Kid’s corner

If there will any younger guests attending, have some activities planned ahead of time. This will help keep everyone engaged and allow the parents to hopefully join you on the dance floor. Coloring books with homemade crayons, bubbles, paint with water books and custom goodie bags will entertain for hours. Consider hiring a babysitter to take over in an adjoining room to handle snacks, stories and a bedtime movie so the adults can kick back and relax throughout the evening.

Confetti bar

Put a fun twist on traditional, boring confetti and sharp, pointy rice by choosing pom-poms, sequins or glitter. Have a bunch of colors in separate dishes and have guests create their own mix to throw upon your exit. Your pictures will be much more bright and exciting.

A grand finale

Sometimes guests leave early for a multitude of reasons. This can be disappointing if you pictured yourself celebrating with everyone at the end of the night. Share your plan to hand out sparklers for some wicked group pictures at the end of the event or announce your fireworks finale on the program to encourage everyone to stick around.

Better than a guestbook

Want a great keepsake from your guests? Ask for some fun bridal advice to be placed into a DIY anniversary piñata. Or get some permanent markers and have some smooth stones available for well-wishers. Creating an interactive signing station is a fun way to hear from everyone and will encourage your guests to contribute.

Varied tunes

It’s amazing how many couples overlook this key reception element. There are so many different musical styles that people enjoy dancing to. Playing only your favorites might lead to an empty dance floor. Ask for input on your reply cards so that you can provide the DJ with a request list. If you are opting for a live band, inquire about what happens during breaks to ensure there is no lull leading to a vacant dance floor.

Wine and beer tasting stations

These stations allow guests the chance to mingle and try new things. Encouraging movement throughout the night can prevent things from going stale.

Speech timers

Give your crew a heads up that they only have a certain amount of time to deliver their well-wishes. Everyone has attended a wedding with redundant thank yous and tipsy, long-winded microphone shenanigans. Alternatively, you can have the MC announce that cell-phone video messages are welcome for those who are too shy for open mike.

Meet and greet festivities

Having everyone get together prior to the rehearsal dinner in a more informal setting can be a wonderful way for those who have never met to break the ice. A potluck BBQ is a fun way to incorporate everyone. Plan a tug-of-war, a question-and-answer game or enlist the masses to help put the finishing touches on your favors.

DIY food stations

People love having options and a full stomach. Consider a pizza station, sushi bar, smoothies or pita fixings to encourage guests to enjoy their food in a mingling atmosphere.

Quieter spaces and lounges

Small kids are not the only ones who need their own space. Consider your elderly, smoking or less socially inclined guests. Having some comfy couches and chairs available away from the booming music and outside in the fresh air will give everyone the chance to breathe.

Determining your needs ahead of time will help you designate the right people and spaces to fulfill your vision. Have detailed lists and communicate your wishes with your wedding planner, day-of planner or someone you can trust to execute your plans.

Of course, all of this reception fun needs the right setting and that’s where Swan Manor has you covered. Between our stately manor house, carriage house ballroom and manicured grounds, the wedding reception of your dreams is possible on our grounds. Contact us today to discuss wedding packages and schedule a meeting and tour. Call 704-776-2530 or use the contact form here on the site. We look forward to hearing from you.